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Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil (Full Set of 7 Bottles / 50ML each)
Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

{ Root Chakra } Exactly as it sounds, Root Chakra is the Root to our energy, the grounding base for our existence. Imagine a Tree planting itself into mother Earth, the connection it builds with the Mother, the life force that is given, this essence we may call Life force provides us with grounding, stability and foundation. When The Root Chakra is off balance, we may experience a certain “out of touch” feeling to the environment or those close to us. It feels as if our root has been pulled from the ground, a feeling of uncertainty and swaying overwhelms us. When the Root Chakra is balanced, we find our grounds and all is well once again, we feel supported to take one step forward.

Life Lessons: Life, Safety, Grounding.
Associations: Mother Earth, Birth, Rooting, and Invigorating.

{ Sacral Chakra } Much like in life, as we grow from an inseparable part from our parents and family, the first relationships we explore are often the relationships we have with our mother, father, grandparents, and/or caregivers. They are the representatives of the nurture system. The way we hold trust and intimacy; like a baby being held in the hands of loved ones, much like how mother Earth holds the sea and mountains. The beginning to a lifetime of exploring love in relationships or bonds. When the bond is well, we feel trust, ease, and giving. And when we are feeling disconnected, we doubt, tense up and build up a wall.

Life Lessons: Trust, Abundance, and Selflessness.
Associations: Family, Desire, Relationships and Joy.

{ Solar Plexus Chakra } As we establish our connection with mother Earth, and those who nurture us, we then seek the process of independence, or search of our own light. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the yellow spectrum, as the color itself is quite expressive, very bright and bold, it embodies self confidence, independence, courage, action and making a statement. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced, we feel a solid sense of our decisions, and able to take action despite challenges. When this Chakra is out of balanced, we tend to second guess everything, or feeling like everything in life is out to get us, and while we seek others’ advice, we rejected them at the same time.

Life Lessons: Path, Courage, and Action.
Associations: Self Identity, Confidence, and Sense of Direction.

{ Heart Chakra } Wow! This is the one spectrum of Chakra that really embodies Mother Nature. When we see green, we see leaves, we feel the time of Spring, and connect to the Mother and we feel like we have all the Love in the world to receive and to give. Yeah, it is this dramatic, ain’t it wonderful! When the Heart Chakra is balanced, we feel like we have the full on battery, filled with energy of righteousness and compassion. When the Heart Chakra is out of balanced, we feel withdrawal from all of life, and feels “cold” and “dull” inside.

Life Lessons: Release, Love, and Compassion.
Associations: Grand Love, Positive Flow, Unity.

{ Throat Chakra } You know the feeling of “I have nothing to say”? This is the perfect example of when the Throat Chakra is just shuts down, like nothing is getting through. The Throat Chakra is the connector between us and others through the vibration of the things we say. They are not limited to just sound expressions, but also body languages and words. When the Throat Chakra is balanced, we have lots of positive ways to express, and communication is connection; as I like to say “The Wifi connection is strong”.

Life Lessons: Communication, Connection, and Expression.
Associations: Balance, Inner Voice, Relaxation, and Higher Wisdom.

{ Third Eye Chakra } Here is where it gets a little out of this world. As we enter into the realms of the Third Eye Chakra, we are entering how we connect with a Grander Force/Chi/God/Universe/Spiritual Self. As we are living human beings who have yet to have our own experience with the above, we all have variations of our connections with it. When the Third Eye Chakra is balanced, we feel purposeful, focused, and it feels as if we are being driven by something that many would call it the “Flow”.

Life Lessons: Intuition, Focus and Clarity.
Associations: Inner Peace, Soul, Spiritual Wisdom, and Creativity.

{ Crown Chakra } The further up we journey upwards away from the Root Chakra, the closer we move toward another gravitational force, many ancient civilizations would call it the Grand Central Sun. If the Sun is a whole to many speckles of light, then us as individuals have our space in one of those slots. Each is an integral part to the whole, the unity. As our Crown Chakra is balanced, this is how we feel. Yet when our Crown Chakra is not feeling like a part of the whole, we feel as if we have been forgotten, or have been wronged.

Life Lessons: Sublimation, Wisdom, and Grand Central Sun.
Associations: Awareness of Higher Connection, Spiritual Path, and Fulfillment.

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