The Energy Universe Knife Massage and Light Healing are great ways to realign and bring serenity to the body, mind and soul. These full body session can help you feel collected and whole.


Consultation is a way to gain insight to an otherwise uncertain path. This energy work is dedicated to those who really wants to change from within oneself, and will require quiz, application, review and membership.


Workshops are a medium for introspection and discovery. In Light Workshops, we practice being in the moment through simple guided methods, and discovering our inner light every step of the way. Come and explore the treasure within yourself!


Universe Qian Kun Exercise allows individuals to harmonize our Small Universe frequencies with frequencies of the Grand Universe, allowing body functions to re-gain balance & surpass capacity with conscientious practice.


Helps balance the trinity of the body, mind and soul. For reconnecting and healing of chakra.

Rivila Spiritual Chakra Essential Oil
• 100% water essential oil
• Infused with light
• Made in Italy

Appointments are required for all services, please contact us in advance.

"Finding Peace In Times of Turmoil"