Light Program Red House


The about us section always adds some personality to the content, so here we go. I’m Olivia and I am a Taiwanese-American from California. After graduating from UCLA with Design|Media Art and Cognitive Science degrees, many of my questions in life such as “why are we here”, and “what is my purpose” are not close to being answered. Somehow the next step in life is to get a job and just move on. I really did not want that kind of life, so I moved to Taiwan to discover more about my roots and what I want.

My life took a big turn when I first encountered the Xian Tian I-Ching as means to find direction in my own life and eventually decided to practice the ancient way. Along my journey, different practices also helped me through different stages of discovery, and one by one I practiced the ancient knife massage, chakra healing, zen meditation, and art healing. After 10 years of practice, I wanted to do something about what I have been practicing, so I started a space Light Project Ximending (now Light Program Red House) in 2018 with my partner Eve. We also have a volunteer, Yvonne. We honor the light in each individual regardless of nationality, heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation. We are all co-habitants on Earth, along with many life forms.


Someone had asked me how many people have we helped. I never really gave it much thought, but I hope many! We have “helped” individuals from around the world transcend life lessons, find peace within, mend relationships, and start new careers or businesses. I put “helped” in air quotes because we have learned and grown from the individuals we encounter as well. This space is a hub for what we feel the truth lies in our hearts and our efforts extend to what we feel called out to do. Many of these projects include organizing charity events, hosting healing workshops, creating cultural art representations, teaching or speaking in communities and organizations.

With peace,
Olivia, Eve and Yvonne

Light Program Team