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The journey started with Olivia, a Taiwanese-American from California. She traveled to different places in search of the meaning of life. After graduating from UCLA (The Ancient Art of the Knife Massage and Holistic Wellness) with Design|Media Art and Cognitive Science degrees, she wanted to find her purpose. While many of life’s big questions were still unanswered, Olivia felt there has to be more to life. With this in mind, she packed up her stuff and made the big move to Taipei, Taiwan, where it all began.

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In Taiwan, life took a big turn when Olivia encountered the Xian Tian I Ching. She consulted this ancient method originally as means to find purpose in her own life. After learning more about the I Ching, she became fascinated by its vast wisdom of it. The I Ching is also an essential part of the lineage. It certainly is nothing like what she’s learned before. Eventually, Olivia decided to practice this ancient wisdom.

Along her journey, different practices also helped her navigate through life. Additionally, she practiced ancient knife massage, chakra healing, tea, zen meditation, and art healing. Learning is just never ending so this is a growing list. Finally, after a decade of practice and training, she started the healing space Light Project Ximending (now Light Program Red House) in December 2017. 

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And here we are! At Light Program Red House, we help individuals from around the world transcend life lessons, find peace within, mend relationships, and start new careers or businesses. Our mission is to find peace in times of turmoil. We feel everyone has inner light, and this gift is just waiting to be discovered and freed. We hope those who journeying to Taipei, Taiwan may find peace, clarity, or spiritual recovery in our space.

To summarize, this space is a hub to nourish the truth that lies within us. And also, to support the challenges we face as we move toward our callings. Whether it’s through knife massage, I Ching, or healing workshops, we hope you discover your inner glow. As mental health and wellness are more important than ever, we advocate for healing, self-care, compassion, and inner growth. Our work also expands into organizing charity events, hosting healing workshops, creating cultural art works, teaching or speaking in communities and organizations.

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