Cultural Art are vessels of wisdom

Our ancestors handed us gifts of wisdom and knowledge through their cultural art creations. Art and creativity are nonverbal methods of storytelling. As time passes and descendants apply the knowledge, cultures are formed. Right next to the I Ching, you will find two art pieces that show “Descendents of the Dragon” as symbols of the Chinese lineage and wisdom. They carry deep meaning in them and serve as reminders for the wisdoms. 


Art and Creativity for Self-Discovery

Art and creativity are also channels for self-discovery. It tells stories or emotions when we can’t express them verbally. When you enter our space, you will find different artworks, and each of these is unique. The artworks are meant to inspire different things in each person’s innate treasure. We may display different artworks from time to time. And rather than us telling you the stories, we would love to hear how you feel by connecting with the artwork. You are the protagonist in your story, and we are facilitators. On your visit, look for the ones that you connect with the most. 

Light Program Red House LGBT spirituality soul healing Ximen Taipei


Art and creativity can be a remedy for healing. The benefits of the arts for healing are helpful across all populations. With scientific backing that art can be used as media to heal experiences, one can rewrite narratives through guided facilitation. Recreating these innate narratives are ways to help break old patterns and create new possibilities.

We design wellness and healing programs for companies and communities, let’s connect and explore.

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