Holistic View

Body, Mind and Soul

The ancient Chinese looked at health holistically. Physical, mental and spiritual health were considered a balanced healthy state. Our physical wellness affects our emotional and mental wellness, and vice versa. Modern medicine contributed to understanding the physical body into ten different systems: the skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and the reproductive system. Ancient Chinese medicine contributed the interconnected networks of meridians, pressure points, body clock and the three energy of vitality: essence, qi and spirit. This philosophy is the backbone of the ancient knife massage. The ancestors were mindful about the microcosmos of the human body, and drew from observation by applying and making connections with the macrocosmos. 

Knife Massage Ximen

Holistic Healing

Knife massage works on a holistic approach. The sessions alone are just one part of the integral whole. Other aspects of healing includes fasting, nutritious diet, sleep, habits, meditation, physical therapy, balanced organ functions, and much more. There is so much to cover, and this is a conversation with those who have the opportunity to do receive sessions periodically. Our main goal is to create innate balance. 


The cells in our body have different regeneration period. Our hair and nail grows daily. Our skin and red blood cell regenerate in matter of months, and our liver and fat storage cells may take years. Therefore, any physical change that we wish to see requires a consistent change. This can be build into a daily routine, and initiate habit changes. These habits made with holistic wellness in mind contribute greatly to the long term transformation.

Here are some starters for those who are looking to transform their body and energy level. In addition to receiving knife massages, building habits of clean eating, fasting, extending the breath, stretching exercises and quality sleep amplify the changes. Which will be noticeable based on the period of cellular regeneration. Schedule a session today in the link below. 

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