The Chinese heritage is one of the oldest in the world, with history more than 5,000 years old. Ancient texts, scholars’ views, art and practices are insights to continuing the lineage. One of these ancient modalities would be the Xian Tian I-Ching, originally drawn from observations of the nature and cosmos by Fuxi. These wisdom were further studied and written into text by King Wen of Zhou Dynasty (Zhou Wen Wang), and other scholars such as Confucius also derived their views from the I-Ching. The Ancient Xian Tian I-Ching is the derivative of Dao Tong (The Way for All). Ancient emperors, scholars, educators and philosophers practiced the I-Ching in search for alignment to nature, and by embodying such truth, becomes part of the of Dao Tong lineage.

In present times, with the world of advancements and technologies constantly taking us towards external growth, it is easy to lose sight. At the busiest Metro Station of Taipei, Ximending, we started Light Project Ximending (now Light Program Red House) as an embodiment of the complexity we face in modern time. Finding peace in times of turmoil is what this center seeks, to bring balance, and serve as a light source for individuals crossing paths. We continue ancient practices in the modern world, through the Xian Tian I-Ching, Ancient Universe Knife Massage, Prophet Tarot Divination, Light Healing and Workshops.


Gratitude of the Source 飲水思源觀 

Before modernization, water is a viable element in everyday life. People honor the water source, rivers, streams, etc. Even after modernization, people honor those who set the pipes that carries the water to our habitat or living units.

This can be applied realistically, and also a virtue; it is based on the truth that we cannot sustain our existence without those who sets the path before us. Thus people honor ancestors, the sky, the river, nature, each other, and source. 

Abundance for All 富甲天下觀 

This idea that our lives are weighted on beam balance, every mindset that leads to an action is weight out. The beam balance is based on the heart in unity to the source. In the beginning of the heritage, 三皇五帝 times, Emperors were selected by the people based on how much moral value(公天下)and merit they apply to help the people. It was after this time period that the system changed and emperors inherit their titles from their fathers(私天下). Putting into practice of this idea in modern times, we first uncover the treasures that are innate, passing off values and energy that no longer serve us, applying these innate gifts for the abundance of our live. If we each apply this, then all would be living in abundance.

Unity 合一觀 

To be true is to be in unity. These philosophical teachings and ideas can be found in Confucius, Lao Tzu, Zhuangzi, and more. Whether Unity with nature, the source, “Flow”(Dao), or inner virtue, the idea of unity is very important and something people work their whole lives to achieve.  


In Light Program Red House, we offer different services to help those searching their ways. Whether you are at a crossroad in life, having trouble surpassing an obstacle, wanting to know yourself more, seeking a mindful life, or any life journey you may be on, we welcome you to connect with us, and experience the different works we do.