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The Chinese heritage is one of the oldest in the world, with a history of more than 10,000 years old. Those interested can look into this Dao Tong through Art (Mandarin PDF) article published by the Taipei National Palace Museum. Ancient texts, views, arts, and practices are insights into continuing the lineage. As dynasties change and rulers rewrote their own histories, it is like putting puzzles together. However, I Ching was one of the ancient wisdom that was well studied, recorded, and passed on through generations. These practitioners of this ancient wisdom place great focus and aspiration on coexistence or unity with the natural world. Through this view, every person, animal, plant, elemental, etc. had its meaning and purpose in the world.

In Olivia’s soul-searching journey, she felt connected to this lineage and that was how it all began.

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I Ching has existed and been known through observation of changes in the natural world. The world started at primeval chaos state, then binary state, which further develop into variations of states that we call changes. The original 8 hexagrams reflect 8 variations. As time pass by, the wisdom of I Ching has been studied by King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty (Zhou Wen Wang). Zhou Wen Wang formed the combinations of the 64 hexagrams for divination. This became the “Book of Change” that is most popularly associated with I Ching. However, this is just one of the many ways I Ching is used. Other scholars such as Confucius also derived their views from the practice. Confucius studied the I Ching and offer his insights in the “Ten Wings”. Embodying the way with nature, these predecessors became part of the lineage in passing the torch of wisdom.

The Ancient Xian Tian I Ching is a derivative from a cosmic view. Ancient emperors, scholars, educators, and philosophers practiced the I Ching in search of alignment with nature and to create abundance. Emperors or leaders can use the wisdom of the I Ching to create prosperity. Scholars and teachers can use the I Ching to educate. Philosophers can use the I Ching for social reforms. I Ching has endless possibilities for application.

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In present times, the world of advancements and technologies is taking us towards external growth. It is easy to lose sight of life’s direction and feel overwhelmed. In Ximen, the busiest neighborhood of Taipei, we started Light Project Ximending (now Light Program Red House), read this on our about page. We wanted to serve as a beacon of Light in the complexity we face in modern times. The amount of information data we take in on a daily basis mirrors the overstimulated environment we live in. Peace and clarity become commodities that are more important than ever.

Our mission is to find peace in times of turmoil. Through ancient practices in this everchanging world, we offer peace. Our practices include the Xian Tian I Ching, Ancient Knife Massage, Prophet Tarot Divination, Light Healing, and Art & Healing Workshops. We hope these anchoring practices can bring strength and alignment to people’s lives. 

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