With the increasingly rapid pace of living & advancement in the 21st century, the need for balance & unity of the body, mind and soul rises alongside. Many turn to wellness, holistic and even spiritual practices with similar intentions to improve overall wellness. The practice of Universe Qian Kun Exercise serves as the foundation of wellness and marks the beginning of a path towards whole unity.

Being vessels of energy frequencies, daily activities, natural aging and sicknesses could throw off our overall balance, physically, emotionally, in some cases, spiritually. Universe Qian Kun Exercise allows individuals to harmonize our Small Universe frequencies with frequencies of the Grand Universe, allowing body functions to re-gain balance & surpass capacity with conscientious practice.


The practice emphasizes on the strengthening of Qi (炁) flow in the body and works as the foundation towards the Five Complementing Healing (Knife Massage, Physics Healing, Body Healing, Food Healing and Qi (炁) Healing). By connecting and mutually harmonizing with the Grand Universe’s frequencies, Qi (炁) flow could be strengthened, thus conditioning the overall physique & whole wellness in the long run.

Ancient people say “To live is a breath of Qi (炁)”. The Qi (炁) referred here is the frequency beyond nature, in balance with the Grand Universe. The practice allows our whole self to be in greater alignment.

ADOPTING the practice

Like any form of practice, each individual may derive different realizations and benefit from the practice. It is up to the individual’s consistent practice to allow true understanding and co-relations of such practice with one’s wellness to surface with time. 

Qian Kun Sticks

1-on-1 Course Guidance
Introduction to Universe Qian Kun Exercise
The Understanding of Qi (炁)
Learn 22 Stances
Tea Meditation
4 Hours Training

2 Sets of Universe Qian Kun Exercise Sticks
Course Outline

Unity Pyramid
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